E-Waste What To Do With Them?

If there is one waste that can not decompose or if not properly dispose of can hurdle a huge space on our landfill, if not, the chemicals can be poisonous to the land, and it is e-waste. Yes, electronic gadgets when being damaged, or can not be used anymore can be a waste, but where do we put them? They can be bulky and cannot be cramped or shredded unlike with paper. What should we do with this e-waste?

First, never put e-waste into the trash.  Even if they do come in small size like batteries, phones, tablets, do not attempt to put them in the trash can. Do you know that these items do contain toxic chemicals and harmful to Mother Earth?

Second, do you know that e-waste does contain metals that can still be of value and recycled? This means, you can give this e-waste you can give them away to people who might be able to use them if such items still work. Or, not, you can always give them to charity within your area.

Third, recycle your e-waste. You might ask how you can recycle them? Well, for one, you could always scout over the net on ways on how you can recycle such electronic gadgets. But if you are not keen on that and does not have creativity or time to do so, you could always go to an electronics recycler. Yes, some companies are more than willing to accept your e-waste. What they do is to take the gadget apart, segregate the glass, metal, and plastic. Then, they can use these materials and convert into another product.

So, what you need to do is to find a good company who is into e-waste recycling. Check out what company is within your area. Contact them and see if they will accept your e-waste and other e-waste you can give to them.

Fourth, develop your technical skills. Do you know that this e-waste can serve as a good material to start off fixing gadgets and electronics? Yes, if they are broken, you can start off with fixing them. Say, for instance, you do have a phone that does not turn on, or broken, try to fix it. You will be shocked as to how fun it is for you to fix broken gadget. The moment you can turn it on, and be of use again, that’s like heaven! The best part of it all, you can even get paid to fix others’ broken phones as well. That’s an added income at your end, how’s that?

See? There are a lot of things you can do with your e-waste at home. Be part of the change, be part of the solution of the waste problem of the country and the world. Instead of simply throwing them away, take a pause, and see what you can do about the gadget. You never know, you can even start collecting broken phones or gadgets from your friends, fix them, and get paid for it, or you can even donate them to charity. You are lessening the number of e-waste be put out there and harm our environment.

Now, that you have an idea as to what to do with e-waste, for sure you are eager to start thinking about ideas what to do with your e-waste. Better yet, start a drive wherein you and your friends are going to collect e-waste and give them to a reputable recycler.